The IEK of Peristeri, is an organization of initial vocational training in Greece, with long experience in
vocational training as it is one of the first of its kind that were founded in 1993. Today it provides
vocational training in post-secondary level for young people aged 18 +, who find it difficult to enter
the job market, to help them to develop abilities and skills in order to enhance the prospects for their
employment but also for already employees, who need documented cognitive skills onto the job
subject. For the training year 2018-2019, through excellent qualified instructors and administrative
staff members, it provided vocational training to about 600 trainees with 23 sections and employed
150 instructors.
As part of its strategy for continuous updating of the training with emphasis on quality, it intends to
carry out, during the period 2019-2020, an Erasmus+ mobility program with the subject "European
training pathways" addressed to the following 4 disciplines which work successfully and are in high
demand in the job market. The trainees will participate in 4 corresponding flows of 14 beneficiaries
+1 escort, as follows:
1st flow, "Assistant Nursery" in Romania with host partner the Athena Study and Training srl
2nd flow," Physiotherapy Assistant "in Romania with host partner the Athena Study and Training srl
3rd flow, “Hairdressing Art Technician” in Italy with host partner the SISTEMA TURISMO srl
4th flow, "Technician of Culinary Art” in Italy with the host partner SISTEMA TURISMO srl
The mobility project involves 60 people from the IEK PERISTERIOU: 56 trainees 18-40 years, with
high learning performance and great interest in their specialty and four escorts members of the
administrative or teaching staff with teaching, administrative and professional experience, very good
knowledge of English, very good use of computers, excellent communication and cooperation ability.
Main objectives of the mobility project are related to:
• supporting trainees in continuing training activities for the acquisition of knowledge, skills and
experiences that will help them in their professional and personal development and will give them
more opportunities in the job market
• developing networking and European dimension IEK, in order to create the culture for intercultural
• enlargement of the linguistic and the cultural horizon of the participants through the stay in countries
such as Italy and Romania
• the formation of professional awareness of the participants through their contact with renowned
professionals and their involvement in a real working environment.
The methodology used in the project includes activities during the preparatory phase (selection of
participants, practical travel arrangements, project management, quality assurance), during the
implementation phase (participation in education and training activities) and after the implementation
of the project (dissemination results and evaluation).
For the expected results and impact of the project is expected:
1. Participants should strengthen existing skills, training experiences and improve their career
prospects, to develop horizontal and social skills, to build European cooperation networks, to adopt
European values, to embrace an intercultural understanding, to improve their communication skills in
2. The D.IEK of Peristeri should form an educational environment attractive to trainees through the
transmitted experience, to adopt intercultural values, to organize communication network with
European business, to encourage language learning.
3. The partners should broaden their cooperation networks in Greece, to improve their services, to
organize new programs in response to new training needs and internships.
4. The administrative and teaching staff of vocational training institute IEK Peristeri should benefit
from the dissemination and transfer of knowledge and innovation from the participants, to encourage
future participation in mobility activities, cultivation of language skills, strengthens European
The potential long-term benefits of the project is the integration of IEK Peristeri in modern European
standards, which are seeking quality, innovation and the promotion of employability, awareness of
other organizations towards a culture of quality and innovation at local and regional level. This
knowledge and experience will be transferred to Greece through various activities and presentations,
to create incentives for lifelong learning and professional development for our country's students and